Sexting, Cyberbullying and the Criminal Code

Sexting, Cyberbullying & the Criminal Code is a two-year project funded by Public Safety Canada, under the Strengthening Community Readiness and Direct Intervention stream.

Community Legal Information developed the following resources about sexting and cyberbullying:

  • A plain language legal publication.
  • Short educational videos.
  • A workshop tailored for youth aged 12-14.

All information is based on the Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice Act provisions. The project had input from a youth advisory committee. The goal is to increase the public’s knowledge about the legal consequences of sexualized cyberviolence for victims, bystanders and perpetrators. The resources include information about healthy relationship-building and decision-making skills.

Our publication Sexting and the Law is now available. Download here.

Girl Talk

Privacy is Key

For Parents and Caregivers