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General Information

Volunteer with the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)

The LRS is a collaboration between The Law Society of PEI and Community Legal Information. Islanders can call Community Legal Information and receive a referral to a lawyer in the community.

Your Commitment

Upon referral, you will meet with the client for up to 45 minutes and provide general information and advice. The client pays $25 plus tax.

We make every effort to ensure the experience is a positive one. Note that:

  • There is no obligation to take on the case.
  • You can set limits on how many referrals you take.
  • If your current schedule happens to be too busy when a client is referred to you through the LRS, you can tell them that you are currently unavailable.
  • If you need an extended period without referrals just let us know and we can put your name on hold.

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Participating Lawyers

Participating lawyers have a significant positive impact on Islanders’ lives.

This service is in high demand.

People are often overwhelmed and confused by the legal system and appreciate the opportunity to have a short conversation with a lawyer that can be of great help in making important decisions.