Family Law

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Conflict, Separation and Divorce

Family Violence and Safety Plans

Family Law on PEI—Resource for New Canadians

The Family Law on PEI booklets were designed to improve access to family law information for people who are new to Canada. They contain information on separation, divorce, division of property, spousal support, custody and access (parenting arrangements), child support, annulments, family violence, and immigration status as it relates to family law.

The booklets are available in English and in French, and in five additional languages.

Uncontested Divorce Kit

Our do-it-yourself Uncontested Divorce Kit contains legal information related to the uncontested divorce and the forms needed to complete the process.

A Parenting Plan Tool

If you are parenting from two homes, here’s a handy tool to help you make important decisions and make schedules.

Family Violence and Safety Documents