An Honest Conversation About Cyberbullying - A Workshop for Youth

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The Honest Conversation About Cyberbullying workshop covers these important topics:

  • Cyberbullying and cyber violence
  • Online luring and sextortion
  • Other types of cyberbullying
  • The impacts of cyberbullying
  • What is happening on PEI
  • The Criminal Code of Canada
  • Bystander intervention
  • Supports and resources.

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The Department of Education and Early Years endorsed the workshop on January 17th, 2024.


About the Cyberbullying Project

Cyberbullying Trauma-Informed Intervention is a five-year project funded by Public Safety Canada, under the Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF). Approximately 30% of young people disclose experiencing cyberbullying, and its impacts can be significant and long-lasting.

This project will work to reduce incidents of cyberbullying impacting youth on Prince Edward Island.

Working with a youth advisory council, we are developing two resources:

  • A workshop for youth about cyberbullying prevention, including healthy relationships, rights and consent, and what to do if you’re being cyberbullied.
  • A workshop for caregivers, educators, coaches, and other youth-serving adults, about how to have effective conversations with youth about cyberbullying, and how to best support disclosures of cyberbullying. We will post more information about this workshop in early 2024. 

Project members include: Department of Education and Early Years, Commission scolaire de langue française, Action Femmes, Charlottetown Police Services, Department of Justice and Public Safety, RCMP, RCMP – Internet Child Exploitation Unit, Summerside Police Services, Victim Services, and Women’s Network PEI. 


If you have experienced cyberbullying and are looking for support, contact our inquiry line: 

For more information about the project, contact: