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Leadership Resources

Leadership, problem solving, and communication skills are relevant to all types of community work.  Most community work contributes to community safety.  Community Legal Information Association provides workshops and distributes materials that can help individuals and groups develop these skills.

What you can learn

The Leadership materials and workshops can help you to:

  • Identify the values and language that contribute to cooperation
  • Learn skills that improve listening to identify needs and interests
  • Address challenging communication by summarizing and reframing
  • Identify the qualities of good problem-solvers
  • Learn a formula for problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Apply communication skills to problem and conflict solving
  •  Identify qualities of successful meetings
  • Develop agendas that are clear and engaging
  • Apply communication, problem and conflict solving during meetings

Download the resources

A Story of Crime and Hope

Community Leadership Toolbox

Facilitator's Guide

Thank you

Funding to develop these resources was provided by the National Crime Prevention Strategy.