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Privacy Practices

We respect your privacy.  

We are committed to taking all possible precautions to protect your contact information, and all other information submitted through this website, over the telephone, or in person.

Your contact information will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge and permission.  Your contact information will be used solely for the purpose of communicating with you at your request.

Our telephone number does not come up on your call display.  Your number is not logged or displayed by our system.  We will not leave a message on your telephone unless you have given us permission to do so. 

The only time we require your mailing address is if you request that material is sent to you or if you would like a charitable receipt for a donation.

The Lawyer Referral Service documents are held in a secure location and shredded after three months.

You do not have to use your real name when you call us. 

CLIA provides an anonymous, confidential service.

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Privacy

SUBJECT: CLIA’s policy is to follow and apply privacy legislation when dealing with clients and donors.  

REFERENCE:  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PEI) Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)  

1. CLIA occasionally needs to collect personal information about users and donors. This information may be used for contact purposes and to communicate about the services that CLIA provides (eg. charitable receipts, legal information and lawyer referral services).  

2. All employees are obligated to follow the principles established by CLIA:  
a) Identifying Purpose The purpose for which personal information is collected is told to the individual by CLIA when or before the information gets collected.  
b) Consent The knowledge and consent of the individual is required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information.             

Limiting Collection: Personal information collected is limited to what is necessary for the purposes identified by CLIA.

Limits on use, Disclosure and Retention: Information is not used, disclosed or retained for purposes other than what it was collected for, except with the consent of the individual or as required by law.

Accuracy: CLIA seeks to ensure that information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purpose it is to be used for. 

Safeguards: Information is protected by CLIA employees who maintain security safeguards appropriate to its sensitivity. 

Openness: CLIA makes its personal information management policies available to individuals on request.

Individual Access: Individuals will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information and be given access to their information on request. They have the right to challenge its accuracy and completeness and have it amended.

Challenging Compliance: Individuals have the right to challenge CLIA over compliance with the above principles through contact with the Executive Director who is accountable for CLIA’s compliance. 

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding this policy, please contact us.

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  Important Note

CLIA provides an anonymous, confidential service.  We will not share your information and you do not have to use your real name in communication with us.